Places to stay, things to do

I've decided to include links I have gathered for ourselves in regard to camping, ideas for traveling, places to see and anything else I think that may be of interest to people traveling in Australia, clicking on the icons beneath will take you to that site.

 Turu has the most comprehensive listing of holiday parks, caravan parks, camping grounds and cabins in Australia with almost 2,000 listings from around the country.

Caravan Parks & places to camp

This site contains caravan park reviews by people who stay in them, included are camping grounds,road side rest areas & station stays.

OzCamps deals with independent camping, that is Free Camping, National Parks, State Parks. The site allows you to add to it as well as edit existing sites & deleting .One feature people may find interesting is the down loadable GPS feature. This site has a legend & filter to make your search easier to manage, also shows dog friendly areas.

A list of caravan parks, you can use the seach box to find a location,that then gives you the parks available in the area or you can search by map. You need to register to have access to all of the sites functions.
Pet lover will be able to see what parks allow pets in their cabins.

Places to go, things to do

As the icon suggests, short walks all of which can be completed in a day.Links to a variety of different walks, bush, beach & length of time.

Bush walking in NSW, gives you the choice of grade, location as well as camp sites & camping areas. Under the More section, you will find Topo maps for NSW ,UHF CB repeater station locator (Australia wide) & for the bird lovers a list of Australian native birds as well as weather information for NSW.

This site has many useful links as far as traveling goes, free camping, family travel, national parks,hotels, things to do,even some easy camp recipes


This site provides everything a traveler would need to find the best deals on accommodation & flights as well as restaurants, things to do, forums, reviews &  photos.

Well I think everyone has heard of the Lonely Plant,this site is full of information regarding must see destinations, weather, advice ,accommodation to name a few

Volunteer for accommodation & food

Helpx is an online listing of hosts ranging from home-stays, farm-stays, B&B, backpackers, lodges who invite volunteers to help in exchange for food & accommodation. The hosts expectations may differ from stay to stay, so its always good to have a clear idea what is expected of you.

This is another site where you can volunteer at different places in exchange for your accommodation & food. All hosts have their own ideas as to what is expected of you .You need to register to gain full access to all information... 22 Euros for 2 years membership (approx A$29.60)

Links for work in Australia

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